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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  The answer might be right here!

Can I use my leftover ESA monies to pay for uniforms?  

At this time, Dowling Catholic is NOT set up to accept ESA money for uniforms.  

I have no idea what happened to our packet from registration!  Is it possible to get another copy?

Certainly!  Here is a link to the information that was included in your packet on the blue information sheet.

My student is hard to fit or between sizes, how can I make sure to order the correct size?

First, consider the measurements given for each item.  Next, make a try-on appointment.  Appointments are available March 1 - May 12, 2024.  Here is the link to our scheduler.

What color/style is the most popular?

Maroon and black seem to be the most popular with white following close behind. More kids wear cotton than performance, but that’s up to you!

How many shirts do I need?

As a DCHS mom for 9 years, I always bought 5 shirts so I didn’t have to do laundry mid-week.  It’s up to you and how often your family does laundry.

Where do we buy pants?


How will I get my uniform order before school starts on 8/23/2024?

Have it shipped - when you place your order, you can choose to have your order shipped.  Shipping will start on 7/1 and should be done by 8/12.

Pick it up - August 19 & 20, the Campus Store will be open from 9am - 6pm for uniform pick up.  If you can't pick up on those days, you may have a friend or other family member pick up for you.*

*Uniforms will NOT be available for pick up during Student Orientation, Freshman or Senior Masses.  Please don't plan on picking up during those events.

Is everything in the store dress code?       

No.  Only the items listed under the School Uniform category are dress code approved.  Spirit gear found in the store can be worn on jeans/spirit days which occur frequently during the school year.   

Do the cotton shirts shrink?

The shirts are a 60/40 cotton blend.  They will shrink a little bit.  They tend to shrink in length more than in width and then only about ¼ inch.

Do I have to order everything now?

No.  After August 23, you can purchase available stock items any day school is in session. It is very common for the most popular items like sweatshirts, to be out of stock from the first day of school until the end of September.  Do not plan on the store having what you need on 8/23 in lieu of ordering.  

The store places orders for 'special order' uniform items during the school year from September – February.  One bulk order for special order items is placed on the 16th of each month.  You will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup; usually during the third week of the following month. 

Example 1 – you order on 8/30, bulk order is placed on 9/16 and is ready for pick up the third week of October. 
Example 2 - you order on 9/17, bulk order is placed on 10/16 and is ready for pick up during the third week of November.

More information will be provided after the school year begins.

Do you have Talls available for girls?

Unfortunately, our shirt manufacturer doesn't offer talls for women.  Some parents who need longer shirts for their daughter have purchased men's shirts for the length and then had them tailored to fit better.  Not perfect, but something to consider.

What uniform items do you stock in the store?

Cotton short-sleeve polos* for men and women. *Excluding Talls and Youth sizes.
Cotton long sleeve polos for men in women - only black & maroon in sizes S - XL are stocked.
Uniform sweatshirts - in black only; sizes XS - M

Remember, if you don't order now, you will only be able to buy 2 short sleeve cotton shirts and 1 uniform sweatshirt IF we have available stock* before classes start.  After the ordering period closes on May 15, the soonest you could get more uniform shirts is August 23 and the soonest you could get special uniform items is mid to late October.
*We reserve the right to to ONLY sell in-stock uniforms to those who transferred or missed the deadline; stock levels will determine if those who order in the spring can purchase more uniforms during uniform pickup or will need to wait until 8/23 to purchase in stock items.  We cannot guarantee enough stock will be available to fill excessive demand. It is normal for us to run out of popular sizes on the first day of uniform pickup.  

Why should I purchase spirit gear from the Campus Store?

You may have noticed that Dowling Catholic spirit gear is not available in any local stores. We hold 5 trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark office to protect our brand and we work with a few licensed vendors to ensure our brand is consistently represented. Every purchase through the Campus Store benefits all students of Dowling Catholic as all proceeds stay here at Dowling Catholic. 

What hours is the store open?

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm when school is in session.  If there is no school, the store is closed.

I have more questions –

Give us a call or an email!  We are here and happy to help!

[email protected] or 515-222-1012                             




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