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Uniform Return/ Exchange Policy



The policies below apply to ALL uniform purchases made after August 24, 2020  

Dowling Catholic High School Campus Store offers the following exchange policies for uniform shirts:

  1. No refunds for any uniform shirts purchased. No exceptions.
  2. Cotton polos - short sleeve AND long sleeve (excluding tall & youth sizes) - can be exchanged for a different size cotton uniform shirt.  
  3. Fleece jackets - cannot be exchanged.
  4. Performance polos (dry fit) -  long and short sleeved, all adult and youth sizes - cannot be exchanged.
  5. Tall sizes cannot be exchanged.
  6. Uniform Sweatshirts can be exchanged if the Campus Store has the size you need in stock.
  7. V-neck sweaters, tall sizes and all youth sized items cannot be exchanged.

Because we do not stock youth sizes, tall sizes, performance polos, v-necks, or fleece jackets, we cannot offer exchanges for those items.  Thank you for understanding.


Item Exchange available Refund available
Cotton short & long sleeved shirts Yes No
Cotton short sleeved TALL shirts No No
Uniform sweatshirts Yes No
Performance (dry fit) short & long sleeved shirts No No
V-Neck sweaters No No
Fleece jackets No No
Youth sized items No No